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Sound Healing in Newbury, Berkshire

New to Treetops, come and enjoy a relaxing Sound Bath (also known as sound healing or sound journey) with the pure and ethereal sound waves created by quartz crystal bowls and koshi bells.  Sound waves along with their frequency and vibration really help with our wellbeing, relaxation and sleep.


Settling onto a mat, with a cosy duvet, comfortable cushions and eye pillow, enjoy an hour of gentle calm just for you.  During this time your body will fully relax, your breath will slow down and your mind will quieten. 


Things like stress, trauma, negative thinking and suppressed emotions can knock us out of tune, which created a sense of disharmony in the body.  If not treated over time, this can cause physical "dis-ease" in the body.


Sound Healing is the use of healing frequencies to essentially ‘tune’ us and shift us back into balance and harmony again.  When the crystal singing bowls are played, the healing frequencies emitted from the bowls, locate the less harmonious frequencies within us and work to shift the disharmony back into harmony again.


The classes run for an hour and cost £13.

Read what people had to say about our Sound Healing Class:


"I hadn't been to a sound class before so had no expectations.  I felt very relaxed afterwards and slept really well, I'll definitely come again" - K


"I found the sounds from the bowls really relaxing" - A

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