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Our Online Yoga Workshops have been filmed with tutor Rachel Windsor in the garden, woodland and house at Treetops. They are suitable for all levels of Yogis, including beginners (but not if you are pregnant). Rachel teaches in a gentle, clear style, always with a beautiful savasana, relaxing period at the end.

Rachel has curated Spotify playlists specifically for each online yoga workshop, you will receive this link with your workshop. Once you have downloaded the workshop it is yours to keep. We have filmed some seasonal yoga workshops, so you can join Rachel in the woods, amongst the blossoms and flowers in the garden and a beautiful yin yoga practice by the fireside.

Our specialism yoga workshops include a 15 minute Chair Yoga Workshop, ideal if you are suffering from injury or mobility and can’t lie on the floor, this will keep your body stretched and mind calm.


One of Rachel’s specialisms due to personal experience is chronic fatigue, so she has put together a very mindful and gentle online yoga workshop for Burnout, Stress & Fatigue, designed for those days when your ability is very low.

We have a great Morning & Evening Workshop, 11 & 18 minutes long, this is really popular, as the sequence and length of flow is just ideal to top and tail your day.

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