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About Treetops

Art, Wellbeing and Cookery

I’m Emily and I set up Treetops as a business in 2005 after we had bought and renovated the house. I really wanted to offer creative workshops for an affordable price within the school day and term time (as my boys were 8 and 4 at the time) that people could come to, enjoy the peace and quiet in our lovely setting and if possible make something to take home with them.

We are located on the edge of Newbury, just off the A34 by-pass and only 9 minutes from J13 of the M4, which makes us really accessible to people from Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Hampshire and Surrey!

Once we had renovated the house we had lovely south facing rooms filled with light and slowly I started to find some great tutors and we were on our way. Over the years we have held classes in Cookery, Aga Cookery, Flowers, Garden Containers, Photography, Pilates, Papercutting, Yoga, Sewing, Art, Cupcakes and have held magical Retreat Days in the Woods.

Whilst the tutors do their thing, I’m in the background making sure everyone is happy and comfortable, making drinks and cooking lunch (if it’s a day class).

My boys have grown up with the classes and have got to know the tutors over the years, my longest serving tutor is Claire Warner, our art tutor, and it’s amazing that my little 4 year old is now the videographer filming all our Online Workshops and the older one is being dragged away from being a TV sports sound engineer to sound edit our Online Workshops!

They have been very useful over the years for finishing any leftovers, emptying the endless running dishwasher and moving around furniture!

When we’re not running classes, I spend time taking bookings, writing copy for the website, the blog and social media, wearing all the hats of bookings officer, meal planner, chef, PR, marketing, advertising etc. We have definitely grown as a word of mouth business, we offer something niche and special and people really enjoy their time away here at Treetops, we still have some people who have been coming since 2005, who have become great friends and we really appreciate all their support over the years.

As we reach two decades into the business, we are definitely leaning more to wellbeing, whether that’s through yoga, movement, meditation, healthy food or creativity with art and nature.

Our vision is to continue this feeling of welcome, creativity and wellbeing whilst also offering our Treetops magic to those that can’t join us in person, through our library of Art and Yoga Online Workshops.


Meet The Tutors

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